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Continents don’t come more culturally varied that the one right on your doorstep: Europe’s rich history and intriguing customs make for fantastic holidays – as you’ll find dancing the night away at a Viennese Ball. Slightly further afield, thermal springs, perfect beaches and dramatic glaciers beckon…

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Ancient Armenia is one of the oldest centres of civilisation’s in Europe, its autonomy over much of the region ending with the Ottoman and Persian empires control. The country itself is landlocked between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, with the Caucasus Mountains in the north. With the geography so mountainous it creates plateaus of settlement with deep valleys covered in forest and farmland. This lesser visited Soviet Colony is one to adventure in not just explore.


Trimmed by the Danube, Vienna is known for its baroque refinement and strong musical heritage: Mozart and Strauss both hailed from here. Arts and culture are part of everyday life for its residents, who’ve been turning up to Viennese balls since the 19th century. Join them with exclusive tickets to one, coupled with visits to the city’s excellent museums and coffee houses.


Mountains, adventure and an upcoming wine region, Georgia has more to offer than can be taken at face value. The Caucasus mountains create varying horizons through out the country, valleys and plateaus make for good wine making soil. More than a third of the country in fact is covered in forest. Tbilisi, the capital is an ancient city where modern buildings mix with 19th and 20th Century architecture.


The dramatic landscapes of Iceland are a must for nature lovers. Known as the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’ (and a star of the screen in everything from James Bond to Game of Thrones), it’s packed with volcanoes, geysers, glaciers and waterfalls. Travel by Arctic Truck (a customised 4X4 designed for Iceland’s challenging landscapes)  and savour the peace – Iceland is the least densely populated country in Europe. Then spend time discovering the lively foodie and music scenes of the capital, Reykjavik.


Italy is the host of some of the most famous and distinguished cities in the world- from the centre of romance, Venice, to the fashion capital, Milan. The little shoe-shaped country has been home to a number of influential and important movements throughout history as the heart of the Roman empire, the Catholic church and Michelangelo’s ‘David’, an icon of the Renaissance. Italy is a must for history buffs, fashion lovers and art enthusiasts- although the charming Mediterranean country is enjoyable no matter what your interests.


This small archipelago in the Mediterranean sea consists of five islands, three of which are inhabited. Dominated by limestone formations its gives each city a white washed look that gleams in the sunlight. Best known for these cities and the blue lagoon. These islands allow for relaxation and exploring. With typical Mediterranean climate and gastronomy it offers much in the ways of shorter holidays.


From the arctic circle in the north to the metropolitan cities in the south, the country is well known for its awe-inspiring vistas. Its Viking history intriguing many who visit. There are opportunities to cruise the fjords in all their beauty, and even admire the Northern Lights at your leisure. It is not just active breaks available the cities have much to offer in the way of new experiences, from food to culture. Wander the streets of Oslo and Bergen, and see what Nordic nuances you can spot.


Russia is one of the worlds’ largest countries by area, bordering onto eighteen different sovereign states and has eleven time zones. Probably best known for the Russian Ballet, vodka and soviet history. Russia’s major cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg offer more intrigue in the form of its museums, russian othrodox churches and cultural events that may first meet the eye. So come experience the fascination for yourself.


Spain is littered with jewels to be discovered- from sipping sangria and watching the sunset over surrealist Gaudi architecture in Barcelona to exploring vibrant Moorish castles in Seville. Live like a Spaniard as you revel with the crowds at Valencia's traditional La Tomatina festival: spend the liveliest hour of your summer throwing squished tomatoes at strangers, before scrubbing yourself down in the cool waters of the Los Penones pool. Take the opportunity to enjoy a private cycle around Valencia's cobbled streets, admire the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences building, and lay back with a cocktail as you cruise along the Mediterranean coast on a private sunset cruise.


From cosmopolitan Stockholm to the reindeer fields of Lapland, Sweden has something for everyone. Made up of thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, it’s natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop to holidays exploring the capital city or heading out into the countryside. Explore Stockholm’s 14 islands by criss-crossing bridges and taking leisurely boat trips, or stay over at Lapland’s famous Ice Hotel, lost in the wilderness. This region is one of the best places in the world to witness the elusive Aurora Borealis, alongside dog sledding, snowmobiling and skiing.


Turkey is a country of two deliciously different halves, with its capital city Istanbul straddling Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus river divides the two, weaving through the historic city with its ancient temples, iconic mosques and resplendent palaces. Outside the capital, thermal springs, stunning beaches and deserted mountains deserve exploration.

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