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Straddling the rural states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is an American marvel. The colourful landscape of the volcanic park is home to a multitude of natural wonders: geysers, hot springs and lush alpine forests, against the beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. A must-see is America's most famous geyser, endearingly named Old Faithful. Below visitors’ feet rumbles the Yellowstone supervolcano, one of nature’s greatest threats; don't worry, though, as there could be at least another forty-thousand years until its next eruption wipes out humanity, giving you more than enough time to see it. On another cheery note, visiting Yellowstone won’t only offer you some of the most spectacular views on the planet, but also a glimpse into the habits and livelihoods of the US’s most interesting wildlife. You can find mountain lions, grizzly bears, antelope and the iconic American bison all grazing on the north-western landscape.