Kenya and Tanzania Wildebeest Migration - Awesome Experiences

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Kenya and Tanzania with wildebeest migration

The Wildebeest do an amazing circular migration between the Serengeti in Tanzania and the Masai Mara in Kenya. Tanzania has Kilimanjaro which you can climb with us in a week, Kenya has Mount Kenya. Both have the Big 5 in abundance, and big predators who follow the wildebeest everywhere, hoping for a meal on the hoof.

See it from the air in a hot air balloon at dawn. Have a champagne breakfast or sunset dinner in the bush. Relax in some if the worlds most luxurious tents. Eat dinner by a blazing fire, and look at the stars in an immaculate sky. Meet the Masai warriors and see their famous dance, including its impossibly high jump.

Throughout, take thousand of photos so you can bore your family and friends senseless with sideshows in your living room back home, amid the masks and wooden carvings. You have to do it once in your life. Then do it again, because you only get one life.