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Pushkar Camel Fair – the ultimate travel experience

Consistently rated as one of the world’s most evocative experiences, the Pushkar Camel Fair will entrance even the most jaded travellers, as 400,000 people descend on the little desert town of Pushkar to celebrate the full moon with a week of races, music and markets. Nowhere does festivals quite like India, and we think this is its finest: In a stunning natural setting to the west of the Aravalli mountain range, the pilgrimage town of Pushkar has a tiny population that swells by 2000 per cent during the festivities.

It’s a world away from the grand monuments and wide promenades of other Rajasthani landmarks, instead filled with temples, bathing gnats and bazaars. Even when the visitors descend, it retains a mystical, sacred atmosphere that it’s hard to put into words. On a vast, dusty plain, the fair itself is surreal and packed with camels decorated in ornate jewels, pom poms, complicated shaved decorations and tapestries.

Between them, snake charmers, musicians, acrobats entertain and holy men and woman in brightly-coloured saris weave among the crowds. Meanwhile, the sacred lake hums with the singing of Holy prayers as pilgrims bathe to wash them of their sins, casting candles and flowers into the water. As you can’t go all that way and not see the Taj Mahal, Delhi and Jaipur, we’ve included time in these landmarks, as well as some tiger-spotting in Ranthambore National Park.