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How to... take perfect Holiday photos

1. Really Wild Show

Book our Brazil's Pantanal trip and you’ll spend your first day on a photo safari spotting the incredible local wildlife.  You’ll get all the tips you need on how to take pics of animals, but remember to pack a long lens - typically 300mm to 500mm for full frame cameras or 300mm to 400mm for APS-C cameras: it’s an essential for a wildlife-viewing trip, so remember to pack one along with plenty of memory cards and batteries! Here are our other tips for capturing your holiday perfectly…

2. Wake Up Call

If you plan to photograph ruins, such as the incredible temples at Angkor and Machu Picchu, you’ll get your best snaps at sunrise or sunset when the light casts shadows on the monuments and creates greater contrast. On our Easter Island trip, you'll spend two sunrises admiring the mysterious heads that dot the landscape - so you should get fantastic shots.

3. Bay Watch

Hoping to get some lust-worthy pics of a stunning beach such as Ipanema? It helps to have something (or someone) in the picture to get an idea of the scale of your sweep of sand: it might be a swooping palm or a football-playing kid, but keep them off-centre and include plenty of colour contrast from the sand and the sea. Sunrise or sunset pics also look incredible – you can’t beat a shot of palms silhouetted against an orange sky. A clear polythene bag is also useful for keeping sand and water out of the camera.

4. Human Interest

Want to picture people? Be sensitive to the culture of the locals and always ask before you snap. Our private guides are always on hand to advise on local customs and etiquette. If you have the all-clear to go ahead, try to make the picture as unstaged as possible. Props are good (eg a basketful of grasshopper snacks in a Mexican market). And don’t forget to take photos of yourself too – make them as unstaged and spontaneous as possible.