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Craziest hire car you'll ever have!

The country: Iceland. The place: the mountain and geyser-heavy Golden Circle. It’s the kind of destination where a bog-standard hire car just won’t cut it: What you need to tackle this terrain is an Arctic Truck. Specially devised for glaciers, deserts and mountains, Arctic Trucks are 4WD vehicles that have been modified for tough environments (you might have seen one on Top Gear). On our Incredible Iceland Arctic Truck Adventure, you’ve got one day to test the vehicle to its limits, driving on Langjökull glacier, taking on remote mountain roads, heading towards Gulfoss waterfall and – weather permitting – voyaging off-road to really find out what your truck is made of. It’s adrenaline-charged, nail-biting stuff (although your private guide will keep you and the truck safe, and can drive for you if you’re nervous): no wonder we’ve scheduled a relaxing whale-watching trip for the following day!